Primary Exam Date

Although the application for the Assistant Teacher Recruitment Examination was completed 6 months ago, the Department of Primary Education (DPE) could not conduct the examination due to Corona. Therefore, it is being considered to organize this test step by step. DPE has taken initiative to make 18 sets of questions as the test is done in a few steps.

According to DPE sources, the educational institution is closed due to the Corona situation. As a result, they are not able to organize the test. After the opening of the educational institution, it is difficult to organize the examinations of 13 lakh candidates at once. In this case, they want to take the test in a few steps.

It is learned that DPE is taking the help of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) for organizing the examination. An agreement has already been signed in this regard. BUET’s technical assistance will ensure security, identify the right candidates and select the central secretary through lottery.

Asked about this, DPE Director General Alamgir Muhammad Mansurul Alam said, “All preparations have been completed for the primary teacher recruitment test.” We are ready to take the test. The date of the examination will be announced shortly after the opening of the educational institution.

“We have an agreement with BUET for technical assistance related to the test,” he added. It has also been updated to publish results through software. We are thinking of organizing the test in a few steps. Therefore, it has been decided to make 16 sets of questions.

Incidentally, the application for the recruitment of more than 32,000 teachers in all government primary schools across the country started in October last year. This time the candidates are given the opportunity to correct the mistake in the application form in two steps. A total of 13 lakh 5 thousand candidates applied.